The Top 10 Windy Day Wardrobe Malfunctions

We have officially reached mid-summer and dress season (our favorite!) is in full force. Although summer is the season of flowy dresses, it should seriously come with a warning label. Let’s be real, we’ve all been there with this classic wardrobe malfunction. We are dressed to impress in our favorite sundress when we hit the streets then BAM - the wind becomes a hater, blows your dress up and exposes your derriere to an unsuspecting crowd of passerbyers.

Women have been feeling vulnerable in dresses on windy days long before Marilyn Monroe famously captured the image in The Seven Year Itch.

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Men across the globe have been getting a peep show simply because Mother Nature exists. Take it from Tom Ewell who didn’t seem to mind obviously glancing at Marilyn Monroe in the iconic scene!

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These Gale Fails are so omnipresent that even the biggest of celebrities have been wind victims. Even with their droves of stylists and makeup artists, these wind-blown Marilyn Monroe moments just won’t quit! Allow us to present to you DressStrong's 10 most epic Gale Fails:

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker - Sure, Carrie had her flaws in Sex and the City, but we would’ve thought she’d know a thing or two about rocking a flowy skirt on a windy NYC day. Fashionista Fail!Image result for sarah jessica parker windy dress
  2. Jessica Alba - The classic Gale Fail - woman wearing flowy skirt, woman walks over subway grate, skirt flies up, paparazzi snaps dozens of photos so the moment haunts woman forever. Ok, fine - the paparazzi isn’t part of the everyday scene but everything else is fair game!Image result for jessica alba windy dress
  3. Beyonce - Leave it to Queen Bey to still bring down the house in a flowy leopard print frock amidst a Gale Fail. Good thing she had her Spanx so that the crowd didn’t get more of a show than they paid for!Image result for beyonce windy dress
  4. Kate Middleton - The number of times that the Duchess of Cambridge could appear on this list is seemingly endless. It seems that every time she steps off her private plane her perfectly polished dress takes on a mind of its own and blows up!Image result for kate middleton windy dress
  5. Kim Kardashian West - Whether she’s in Chicago or somewhere up North, the wind hasn’t been a Saint to KKW when she rocks her dresses. Even with her posse of people to keep her looking fierce she still has her fair share of wind-blown Marilyn Monroe moments.  Image result for kim kardashian windy dress
  6. Reese Witherspoon - Sure, we love Resse’s style and her flirty and flowy Draper James dresses. What we don’t love is when the wind becomes a hater and our girl next door suffers her own Gale Fail. Southern Charm we suppose can only go so far when the wind blows!Image result for reese witherspoon windy dress
  7. Jennifer Aniston - Where are Jennifer Aniston’s Friends when she needs them? Surely Monica or Phoebe could have lent her a hand to help keep her dress hem down when the wind started to toy with her at a movie premiere.  Image result for jennifer aniston windy dress
  8. Elizabeth Olsen - Mary Kate and Ashley may leave us seeing double but we are seeing one big wardrobe malfunction here. Even though her face says it all, it doesn’t mean that we should see it all! Image result for elizabeth olsen windy dress
  9. Emma Stone - Cannes a girl just get a break?! The windy weather just wouldn’t quit at the Cannes Film Festival and neither would the cameras when Emma had a Gale Fail of her own. Image result for emma stone windy dress
  10. Taylor Swift - TayTay wasn’t quite Swift enough to prevent falling victim to this windy wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. The songstress should maybe consider writing a jam that’ll warn fellow women about these Gale Fails! Image result for taylor swift  windy dress

So there we have it, our top 10 Gale Fails and just in time for those mid-summer dresses! If it’s true that history repeats itself, it is safe to say that this windy day wardrobe malfunction will continue to permeate our windy weathered days UNLESS we adopt a solution that can keep women covered wherever the wind may take them.

Introducing DressWeights by DressStrong! DressWeights are a small, reusable, recyclable, adhesive steel weight that when attached to the interior hem of a dress, skirt or blouse, prevents the garment from blowing up in the wind. Voila - no more Marilyn Monroe moments!

Sounds like a simple enough solution to make these infamous Gale Fails history so that women can finally feel confident and empowered in their flowy and flirty frocks. Be sure to put them on your shopping list along with all the new sundresses you plan on wearing this summer!

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