DressWeights: The Best Hem Trick Ever

Throughout history, we have always struggled with the arch nemesis of dresses and skirts. . . the wind!

So what did we do before the amazing invention of DressWeights

Laughed it off mostly but not always quite as glam as Kiera. 

@kekeonnabeat shows off her stunning Marilyn Monroe moment! 😍

Here is a brief timeline of what we did to beat the breeze!

Dresses that had weights in the skirts can be traced back centuries and became hugely popular in circa 1900 due to the clothing becoming lighter and ball gowns were out of style.

However, it didn’t become a trend until the royals began sewing weights into the bottom of their clothes.

Royalty previously had heavy coins sewn into the bottom hem of their dresses to make sure their skirts wouldn’t fly up!


Kate Middleton could sure use a set of DressWeights!

Soon people everywhere began doing the same and following the royal trend. 

Women began sewing coins into their clothes to help them fight against the wind. However, with the modern invention of the washing machine, it causes major wear N’ tear on garments when tossed around in the washing machine. 

It was also incredibly time consuming making sure the weights were evenly distributed and sewing it into the clothes.

Next there was the trend of sewing in circular weights along the seams that run down vertically of the skirt. And if it wasn’t enough, they would sew more on the bottom for more weight.

There are also a few other ways we have adapted to fight against the wind and keep our skirts down.

People have been known to sew in weighted cords for draperies in the hem of dresses and skirts. These are best for custom or handmade clothes because it needs to be covered by fabric. So if you have a dress or skirt that needs to be shortened, this would be the perfect time to insert the weighted cord.

Then with the invention of tape, people began simply taping coins on the bottom of the skirt. It is not only a quick solution but also a temporary solution. The con of using just tape may not be enough support to keep the coin in place.


Now finally, DressWeights™ was created! 


Christina Dunn was inspired to create DressWeights™ due to her love for beautiful flowy dresses and skirts! These DressWeights™ are reusable, adhesive micro-weights that you stick on the interior hem of garments. They are the perfect solution to windy days!

Shop DressWeights today and save when you buy in bulk!

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