Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Will DressWeights be visible to other people when I strut my stuff?
  • Nuh-uh! DressWeights are sneakily adhered along the interior hem of your dress or skirt. Also that leads me to my next question....
  • Just how big are DressWeights?
  • They're teeny! Each weight measures 1.6" x 0.6" x 0.1". Think about as long as a needle, just without the fear of getting pricked.
  •  Speaking of, will I feel DressWeights when I wear them?
  • Fear not! When applied correctly, DressWeights are hardly noticeable and well worth avoiding those unexpected moments when you are vulnerable and exposed.
  •  Phew! Well then how much can they possibly weigh?
  • No worries, my dear! Being made of recyclable steel enables your DressWeights to pack a serious punch. Each weight is 0.5 ounces! That's about the equivalent of two and a half quarters, ten paper clips, OR 13 jelly beans.
  •  Will DressWeights leave residue when I remove them from my fine frock?
  • Nope! We put the work in on our end so you can keep your dresses fresh and residue-free.
  •  Marilyn Monroe is the bees knees but how will DressWeights help me avoid those Marilyn Moments?
  • Dress wearers can choose to put up to four (or more!) DressWeights™ along the interior hem of their dress. Sorry, gents! Those highly-anticipated Marilyn Moments are coming to an end! 
  •  So can I reuse DressWeights or do I toss after one wear?
  • When stored properly on the nifty DressWeights card that comes with each package of weights, DressWeights can be reusable 5+ times. Talk about a bang for your buck!
  •  I care about the environment! Are DressWeights Eco-friendly?
  • You betcha! All DressWeights materials are easily recyclable. Go green!
  • Alright, you've convinced me. Just how do I use these DressWeights?
  • Simple! Just PEEL the adhesive label from the weight, STICK it onto the interior hem of your frock, STRUT your stuff with confidence!
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