The Story of DressWeights™: A Family Affair

The idea of DressWeights was born in the West Village, New York City in the spring of 2012. I was at a friend’s rooftop barbecue one afternoon, not too far from the Hudson River. Like thousands of my fellow New Yorkers, I love wearing flowy and flirty dresses, especially during those sunny and warm New York City days that seem so few and far between.

At the barbecue, I was hardly able to enjoy myself without being self-conscious about my dress blowing up a la Marilyn Monroe. My friends made me acutely aware of this faux pas which didn't help the situation. It was between sips of wine and burger bites that I conjured up the idea of a weighted hem so that I and my fellow dress and skirt wearers could continue to rock flowy frocks on windy days.

It was during one of my frequent trips to New Jersey to visit my family that I shared this omnipotent "gale fail" with Peter - my friend, brother-in-law, former Notre Dame classmate, and engineer-loving feminist. Together we began to think of how to solve this Marilyn Monroe moment. Peter is an avid golfer and made the suggestion that I put some of his adhesive golf club weights on the interior hem of my dress to prevent this fashion faux-pas. After much trial and error, Peter and I were able to design, prototype and manufacture the (patent pending!) windy day fashion fix that is now popularly known as DressWeights

My best friends and sisters, Marianne and Faith, have both played an integral part in getting DressWeights off the ground. They each have their own unique set of skills that have helped contribute to the success and development of DressWeights. They are the ones behind the scenes who provide invaluable insight, support and guidance every step of the way.

Christina is a born and bred Jersey Girl. She attended the University of Notre Dame, graduated in 2007, joined Teach for America as a Corps Member in the South Bronx, and has been teaching in New York City ever since. She currently resides in Chelsea, Manhattan. 

Peter - a bonafide family man pictured here with one of his three sons. He's a Wisconsin transplant now living in New Jersey. Go Packers!


Christina (right) pictured with her two sisters, Marianne (left) and Faith (middle) in New Jersey. 

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