DressWeights - The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift!

The go-to look when dressing up for a wedding?
The perfect Bridesmaid gift? 
In case you're a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, there are chances you’re wearing a dress again very soon. That’s where DressWeights comes in.

Wedding Trends for 2020-2021

As we continue on into the year with the pandemic still in full swing, people are starting to adjust to the lifestyle. When it comes to parties and other get-togethers we are especially careful.
Businesses and others have pivoted their style into an outdoorsy one. This is a common pattern everywhere you go, including weddings.
The brides and grooms are taking into account the pandemic and have chosen either a simple ceremony that consists of 4 people (Bride, groom, officiator and the witness) or having a virtual wedding.
When it comes down to it, people are frustrated that they can’t enjoy their wedding with friends and family. So similar to businesses, the soon-to-be couples
began to pivot and are beginning to have outdoor weddings.
With outdoor weddings comes different types of weather, there is almost always a breeze or some type of wind. As guests start coming to your wedding dressed to the 9’s there is bound to be a wardrobe malfunction thanks to the weather. 
There is also the fact of the bridal party. Not only will they be attending the wedding, but they will also be in pictures. So it is best to have a backup plan, and with DressWeights you can always count on your bridal party as well as guests to be picture perfect!

Wedding Dresses styles: bride and bridesmaids

The trends of 2020 seem to have more of a laid back style, comfort is the key detail! We are getting used to sitting around in our homes in comfortable clothes, and that reflects in the fashion trends. Most dresses are going to be focused on comfort and what is more comfortable than a flowy dress? 
So despite in the past few years when it was trendy to wear a more form fitting dress, this year is a whole new experience. Not only will your bridal party be showing off the beautiful flowy bridesmaid dresses, but your guests will take a similar route as well.

DressWeights: The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

Now you can help your guests keep their Marylin Monroe moments to a minimum at your wedding. Have DressWeights accessible for your wedding visitors or even incorporate them as part of your bridesmaid gift! 
Ranging from gusts of wind at an outside wedding or from showing off their funky moves on the dance floor at the reception.
And the best part about it is that your guest can continue to reuse it long after your wedding!
Wedding Welcome bags are the perfect way to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to celebrate your big day with you. With DressWeights you can add one more item to your customized welcome bag to help make their experience at your wedding 10x better!
With both your bridal party and your guests showing up in a stylish flowy gown or dress, it is the perfect opportunity for you to give them a gift that says not only do you care about them, but you are thinking about them in the future. 
DressWeights is that perfect gift.
Not only is it affordable but it is also recyclable and reliable. It is not just a one time use, you can use it forever! Its sleek design ensures that your dress (or skirt) looks natural every-time you put it on. 
Make sure you order yours in time for the big day! 
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