Why DressWeights Are The Best Valentine's Day Gift For Any Person

Looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift that is better (and less caloric) than a cheap box of chocolates? Look no further! DressWeights check all the boxes and are The Best Valentine's Day Gift For Any Person!
1) DressWeights are affordable
Since DressWeights cost only $15 (less if you buy more and save!), you'll have plenty of cash left over for that bottle of wine and chocolate. 
2) DressWeights are reliable
Valentines day gifts are often well-intentioned but often poorly executed. DressWeights are equal parts style and substance. They're non-cheesy, will keep you feeling confident, stylish AND are super functional. Seems like a win-win in our book!
3) DressWeights are recyclable 
That's right. We aren't here to add more to land fills. All DressWeights materials are easily recyclable so once you're finished with them you can avoid the Go Green guilt.  
4) DressWeights are great for men and women alike
Some of our most loyal customers are men gifting DressWeights to the women in their lives. Take it from one of our male customers who wrote a 5-star review after gifting DressWeights to his then girlfriend and now fiancé, "You will never meet a dude who loves dress weights as much as I do." We are sure he's a great guy BUT maybe there's a chance she said "YES" because he gave her THE best travel accessory for their future adventures. 
5) BuzzFeed loves DressWeights
We're losing count at this point but DressWeights have been featured in over 40 of BuzzFeed's listicles including 58 Useful Stocking Stuffer's They're Sure To Really Appreciate, 34 Things Under $20 That'll Probably Make a Difference In Your Day, 28 Perfectly Packable Things You Won't Regret Bringing On Your Next Trip and our personal favorite 27 Things That Must've Been Designed By Geniuses. You can be a genius too if you gift DressWeights and see what all the buzz is about this Valentine's Day!
6) DressWeights are small and lightweight
Not only are the actual weights teeny (about the length of a needle without the fear of getting pricked), but they're packaged small so they're super easy to wrap. Even if you're a terrible gift wrapper - no worries. Just put DressWeights in a small envelope and BAM - beautifully wrapped, thoughtful gift. You're ready for Valentine's Day. 
7) DressWeights are unique
Sure chocolates and flowers are cool but imagine gifting the newest, coolest, most-unique gift EVER (according to ourselves) this Valentine's Day?  Think outside the gift box this Valentine's Day with DressWeights!
So there you have it. If we haven't convinced you yet that DressWeights are the best Valentine's Day gift for men and women like, then check out our site and read through our 5-star reviews. They speak for themselves #HumbleBrag.

DressWeights will keep you covered wherever the wind may take you this Valentine's Day! You can thank us later ;)

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